I do like to get OUT occasionally! Whenever possible I visit schools and book festivals to talk about writing and illustrating. A school visit can consist of any combination of presentations and creative writing / drawing sessions. These can be tailored for KS2 or KS1 focusing on my own young fiction and picture books. 

For more information and fees for school visits / book festivals / libraries etc please contact me via the contact page.

And just to prove this is true, if you were having a cup of tea with Jake Hope he would most definitely say this between slurps:

"Steve Webb's talks are funny, engaging and brilliantly interactive. He makes the idea of imagination fun and immersive and really brings language to life with a unique mix of jokes, stories and songs. Underpinning this are ideas about characters, setting and the building blocks of stories and writing. It's fantastic seeing how well Steve manages to capture the minds of his young readers and the impact his visits have on reading with countless children burying their heads deep in the pages of his books immediately after the visit. What a star!"

Jake Hope
Reading development and children's book consultant. Chair of the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway judging panel 2018.

And if Catherine Jones from The Edinburgh International Book Festival was there too, she would say:

"We’ve had events with Steve Webb at Edinburgh International Book Festival over the last two years, both as part of the festival and in our outreach programme. His events are always great – interactive, motivational and hilarious – and really popular with children, who go away inspired to read and write themselves."

Catherine Jones
Edinburgh Book Festival. August 2017.

And if Liz Annetts popped in for a coffee, she would add:

"Steve was brilliant!! His energy and enthusiasm infected the whole of our juniors (years 3 – 6) and they were very reluctant to leave the world of Spangles McNasty (and jam of course).  His events were funny, energetic, entertaining and very informative.  Steve gave a lot of time to each individual pupil when signing books for them – in fact if you put all the signed comments together there would be enough to create another Spangles McNasty book!  
In his creative writing sessions, pupils were keen to create characters to ‘out-nasty’ Spangles McNasty – Steve was really good at inspiring and encouraging our Year 4s – they came away from the sessions with the biggest smiles on their faces!
Overall – he was soooopa!
Thank you Steve – we all had a lot of fun and I wish I had that much energy!"

Liz Annetts
School Librarian, Northwood College for Girls. Oct 2017.

And if Debbie Holt arrived with some biscuits, she would say:

"The children loved Steve's assembly. Children from Reception to Year 6 enjoyed learning about his inspiration for writing and had a great insight into how he creates the fantastic characters for his books which really sparked their imagination. Spangles McNasty was already a favourite in school so it was really good for the children to meet the author. They could not wait to have their books signed and were really enthusiastic to start reading. We have had great feedback from parents on how the visit has encouraged the children in their reading and writing. 

Steve then worked with Key Stage 2 children throughout the day where the focus was on creative writing , getting involved in character creation, scene setting, poetry writing and script writing. Everyone had an amazing day that highlighted the schools commitment to reading for pleasure and creative writing."

Debbie Holt
Librarian. Visiting Lum Head Primary School Manchester. Oct 2017.